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Home Evaluation Seller Lead Generation Landing Pages

Along with having the right advertising strategy, it is just important to drive those sellers to the right landing page.

We use a simple landing page that starts with just collecting the home address.

Home Evaluation Seller Lead Generation Report Example

At Leads On Demand® we work with real estate teams to generate a custom home evaluation report for each home seller prospect with very detailed  and relevant information.  The idea here is to further solidify the realtor’s status as the go-to trusted market expert.  We recommend that each of the reports contain the following:

-A home estimate range, powered by third-party data (estimate not currently available in Canada and nondisclosure states in the United States)

Target Sellers Directly

We focus on creating persuasive ads specifically designed to target active sellers. 

By entrusting us with the nuances of digital marketing, you free yourself to excel in what you do best – providing top-notch real estate services. Partner with us for Seller Leads, and watch as your client base expand significantly.

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See how many times your ad has appeared and how many clicks, never wonder where your advertising dollars are spent.

These leads are designed to significantly boost your opportunities for acquiring new listings in your target market.


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Note: This is not a system where sellers list immediately. It truly is a 6-12 nurturing process. In the first 6-8 months, leads you receive will not turn into a lot of listings. After 12 months of nurturing, expect the number of listings to increase dramatically*

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