Remarketing Campaigns

Target by email without emailing. If you have their email, Google & Facebook will find their computers, cell phones, or tablets and advertise to your audience directly across 90% of websites online as well as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Increased Conversions

Multi-Platform Presence

Continuous Engagement

Reconnect With Your Leads On Every Platform

Like bench or billboard ads, remarketing serves as a secondary form of advertising to build trust & credibility with your leads online, increasing your conversion rates. Stay top of mind with your new leads and past clients as they browse the internet.

Effortless Lead Nuturing

Are you ready to take your lead nurturing to the next level? With our remarketing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google Display ads, and YouTube, you can reconnect with your valuable leads on every platform, as well as 90% of websites online. Keep your brand at the forefront of potential clients minds with our remarketing campaigns.

Our remarketing strategy keeps you in the forefront of your leads’ minds, fostering lasting engagement and trust.

By maintaining brand visibility, you increase the likelihood of converting your leads into loyal clients.

Be present on the platforms your leads use most, reinforcing your brand’s credibility for a low monthly cost.

Monthly Detailed Reporting

See how many times your ad has appeared and how many clicks, never wonder where your advertising dollars are spent.

Each week, we will update your leads database that you provide to us through an CSV file, including email & phone number, and upload them to Facebook (and/or Google) so that your ads can be shown in your leads’ Instagram feed, Facebook feed, Marketplace, YouTube, and 90% of websites online.


Get More Callbacks


Tiny Budget Goes A Long Way


Ads Shown On Mobile, Tablet & Desktop


Leads More Receptive On The Phone


Optional Add On: Get CINC Pro CRM & Website for only $99 (90% Off Regular Price)

Note: This is not advertising designed to generate seller leads. Remarketing ads are meant to build brand awareness, similar to a bus stop or street sign. Remarketing ads should be used in combination and supplementary to other forms of seller lead generation*

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Segregate My List?

Segregate your list and deliver a tailored message to each audience. Remarket different parts of you list to different channels.

What If I Don't Know My Leads's Email?

Once a lead visits, they will start seeing your ads across the internet. We can also target them using their phone number.

Who Makes The Ads?

We do! When you check-out you can choose from various templates and colour designs. Let us know of any preferred messaging, or leave it to us to create a professional and high converting images and ad copy.

What Should My Ad Say?

We can create any message you choose for your ads, or leave it to us if you are unsure. We can also segregate lists. So, for example, we can have your past clients see one message ad and your newly purchased leads see a different ad message – Which requires two separate purchases.

Who Will See My Remarketing Ads?

These ads will be shown to your lead database as they browse online. We can also target any contacts you have through their email or phone number. These ads are not meant to be shown to ‘new’ leads, but instead will find the accounts of your lead database (or past client database) and follow them as they browse online.

How Do I Know How Well My Ads Are Performing?

You will be emailed a report at the end of every month outlining how your ad performed, how many impressions, clicks, and leads it received. We will also monitor your ad and make edits as appropriate optimal performance.

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