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  • New agents
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Get Leads In Your City, Guaranteed!

Select a minimum of 3 MLS districts or cities. Return leads not in your chosen areas.

Get Any Number of Leads, Guaranteed!

Order any amount of leads and receive the complete order within 30 days. 


5% Close Rate

Proven results show you can expect to close 1 in 20 leads. Our experts do close to 8%.


6X More Data Points

Traditional sources typically have 3 data points. We give you up to 20 per lead.


Leads Ready to Move

Keyword-driven, these leads are deep in the sales cycle, expressing interest in buying homes for sale.


Lifetime Exclusivity

Your leads will not be shared with any other agents or parties. They are exclusively yours as LOD agents.

Leads On Demand Access

The Base Package For All Leads On Demand Products

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CINC Agent CRM Account

Full Lead Store Access

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For $99/Month, you will get your own CINC PRO CRM account to manage your leads and automate communications. The option to purchase buyer or seller leads on a Pay-As-You-Go or Annual plan, plus many more perks!        Note: We do not generate leads via CINC. We only utilize their CRM.


Per Month

*Waved for Search Realty Agents

Platinum 1-Year Plan
Minimum 20 Leads Per Month
Minimum 12-Month commitment
100% Real Leads
Return Full Fakes (Email + Phone)
100% Desired Location Guarantee
Return Out-of-Area Leads
Return Half Fakes (Get 25% More Leads)
Leads with only phone or only email count as half-leads, keep them and get an additional lead.
Return 24-Hr Unsubs (Get 10% More Leads)
Return any leads that unsubscribe within 24hrs
FREE Remarketing Ads (Facebook + IG)
Your purchased leads & database will see your branded Facebook & Instagram ads. Leads will be more receptive when you get them on the phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your leads better quality?

With over ten years of R&D, our patent-pending lead-gen is keyword-driven backed by big-data, cutting your sales cycle in half. These aren't Facebook leads captured while browsing friends' photos. These are real buyers and sellers with intentions to move.

Does it matter what brokerage I'm with?

No. We are accepting agents from any brokerage. We are more concerned with your closing statistics than your brokerage brand.

Are there any monthly costs?

There is a low $99 monthly access fee, which includes your own CINC CRM valued at $900/month, access to the entire LOD Leads & Marketing eStore, proven lead scripts & protocol training, your own Success Manager, and so much more!

Are these leads exclusive to an agent?

Yes. Leads will not be shared or resold with any other agents or parties; they’re exclusively yours.

Why is there a referral fee owed?

The cost of our leads covers the cost to advertise directly to consumers deep in the sales cycle. Our profit does not come from selling leads, it comes from the referral fees. Therefore, we get paid only when you get paid! This relationship is an important one as we are both striving to get the best leads possible with the same end goal in mind. More Closings! Unlike other lead companies that are only looking to fulfill the lead order and resell the same leads to your competitors.

Do I have to pay a referral fee?

Yes, there is a 30% referral fee for Gold & Platinum leads and a 50% referral fee for Silver leads. Add Leads On Demand Inc. to your Trade Record Sheet.

Are there any sign up costs?

No. There are no setup fees and no commitments. There is a monthly access fee of $99, which includes your CINC CRM, our proven scripts and protocol, your success manager & more!

What if I have less than 3 years experience or less than 10 deals closed?

If you are interested in what Leads On Demand™ offers but do not meet the minimum requirements, you can still contact us here.

How do I access the leads?

The leads can be managed in your top rated CINC CRM (valued at $900/month). You can also choose to be notified of new leads by email, text or through our CRM mobile app so you can close deals on the go.

When do I get my leads?

Your first order of leads begins to arrive within 24 hours. Future orders of 100 or fewer leads delivered within 30 days. If we're short one month, we'll replenish the month after. By the end of the year, the lead count averages out to your lead order amount.

What part of the sales cycle are leads?

You will get leads that are all deep in the sales cycle, searching for real estate on Google. They were recently active and want to be contacted asap.

Are leads buyers or sellers?

Currently, 20% of leads are buyers who need to sell. We also have seller lead plans available, if you prefer seller leads only. 

What cities do you service?

We can generate leads in any city worldwide. Select a minimum of 3 MLS districts or cities. Return leads not in your chosen areas.

Do I need a website?

No. We provide you with a cutting edge lead generation website with landing pages where leads get sent directly to you.

How many leads can I order?

There is a minimum of 30 leads ordered per month. There is no maximum for leads ordered, but ensure you have enough time to contact all of your leads. We recommend 30-50 leads per agent for a $100,000 annual GCI target. Top-producing agents purchase between 80-100 leads per month.

Is there a contract or commitment required?

No. You have the option to purchase leads on a pay-as-you-go basis (30+ leads per order) or the option to a 12-month commitment purchasing 30+ leads per month, for a 10% discount on leads. With either option, there is a low $99 monthly access fee which includes your own CINC CRM valued at $900/month, access to the entire LOD Leads & Marketing eStore and a Success Manager, and so much more!

How many leads are fakes on average?

About 20% of people give either a fake email or phone. Another 15% give all fake info. You can exchange all fakes! On the Platinum plan, if you encounter a half-fake, it counts as a half-lead.

How long has LOD been providing leads for?

We have been providing leads to real estate agents in Canada and the United States for 10 years exclusively to one brokerage up until the present day.


Once approved, what are the agent's performance requirments?

The agent must maintain the following aspects:

  • 1% close rate over 15 months
  • Access to deals history for proof of sale
  • Maintain good/excellent online reputation

Are the leads free?

No. The leads come in a range of Silver, Gold & Platinum options. Leads cost between $11.95 - $29.97, however, successful agents don't focus on expenses, they focus on the return on investment. We have a Facebook leads product launching Jan 2021 (will be our Bronze product) to answer agents request for lower-quality, low-cost real estate leads. These Facebook leads will come with our famous guarantees as well.


How does billing work?

Annual products are paid at first purchase, and again at the beginning of the month. Pay-As-You-Go products are billed right away. Billed to your VISA or Mastercard, payments are securely handled through Stripe.


Will I get my leads in real-time?

We have a no-scrub policy. You get leads when you need them in real-time on any device, mobile, tablet, laptop, computer or apps.

Are these Facebook leads?

When someone is browsing their friends' photos on Facebook, they don't all of a sudden want to buy a home. When someone types in, "I am looking for a 3 bedroom home with a pool" chances are they're looking to buy a 3 bedroom home with a pool. This is our point of interception. We don't get cheap leads just to fulfill the lead order. We obtain leads that have the highest chance of closing. After all, we don't get paid until you do. In short, our industry Facebook is only good for remarketing purposes. We don't want leads in the research stage, we want leads in the ready-to-move stage.

What’s the difference between Silver, Gold and Platinum leads?

Silver leads are great for new agents with lower budgets or agents unsure about our lead closing ratio. Work leads at 1/2 the price (of Gold leads) with a 50% referral fee. Silver leads come with all the infamous guarantees of being 100% real (return the fakes) and 100% in your requested location(s) (return out-of-area leads). Silver leads are the only product that comes with an Accountability Coach to ensure you stay on top of your calls. You are not issued additional leads until you've made 5 calls on each lead, as per our Lead Protocol. 

Gold leads are our "gold-standard" with lead guarantees of being 100% real (return the fakes) and 100% in your requested location(s) (return out-of-area leads). Gold leads have a 30% referral fee 

Platinum leads are our "gold-standard" with the additional perk of being able to return full fake leads as well as half fake leads. If a lead has a correct email address but an incorrect phone number (or vice versa) you can keep the lead (it will be counted as a ½ lead) and we will replace the lead with a full real lead. You will end up getting approximately 25% more leads by ordering Platinum leads. Platinum leads have a 30% referral fee.

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