Landing Pages

Get a custom landing page with a 30, 60, or 90 day campaign. Pricing is all inclusive (website development, ad campaign setup and management).

Tailored To Your Needs

Receive 15-30 Leads

Rank #1 On Google Search

Examples Of How You Can Utilize A Landing Page

  • Advertise on the Google search engine.
  • Insert URL in print media or online marketing campaigns.
  • Social media or paid campaigns.

Click here for an example.

    Example Of A Landing Page

    Why You Need This

    Custom Landing Pages are ideal for various real estate ventures, particularly beneficial for new construction projects. It also offers exclusive listings, making it a valuable resource for those looking to access unique properties. Furthermore, it’s well-suited for general property listings, catering to a broad range of real estate needs.

    Monthly Detailed Reporting

    See how many times your ad has appeared and how many clicks, never wonder where your advertising dollars are spent.

    Advertise your new construction projects on the Google search engine to capture new leads. This includes a complete setup and management of an ad campaign specifically tuned with keywords targeting the condo project and real estate investors.


    Leads Routed Directly Into Your CRM


    Capture New Leads For New Construction Projects


    Keyword Tuned Geared Towards The Condo Project & Real Estate Investors


    All Inclusive Pricing (Website Development, Ad Campaign Setup, & Management)

    As a Google Partner, we will create a keyword-targeted campaign for your pre-con project. e.g. If it is a condo, we will target people who search for “pre-construction condos for sale in [city].” If it’s a house, then “pre-construction house for sale in [city].”

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