Digital Farmer 

Become the go-to agent in your chosen ZIP codes! Get your ads on every computer, laptop, and mobile phone in your selected neighborhoods. Our Digital Farming Campaign is not just about advertising, it’s about establishing a digital presence that makes you the recognized face of your target neighborhood.

Become The Go-To Expert

Target By ZIP Code

10X More Exposure For Less

Become The Prominent Agent In Your Area

By choosing our Digital Farming Campaign, you’re on the path to becoming the face of your chosen neighborhood. Whether you aim to dominate a thriving urban area, a quiet suburban community, or a picturesque rural setting, our platform empowers you to be the local expert, the trusted advisor, and the go-to real estate agent within your target ZIP code.

Establish Your Presence, Own Your ZIP Code

Trust is earned through prominence, and when you’re the face of your ZIP code, clients will naturally gravitate towards you. Your expertise and track record will make you the clear choice for all their real estate needs.

With our Digital Farming Campaign, your brand and message are continuously reinforced, making you the first name that comes to mind for real estate needs in the area.

By maintaining a strong digital presence within a neighborhood, you naturally build trust and authority as the local expert. Clients will turn to you as the go-to source for real estate advice and services.

Monthly Detailed Reporting

See how many times your ad has appeared and how many clicks, never wonder where your advertising dollars are spent.

The Farmer targets geographical regions and is the future of billboard ads and flyer-dropping. We suggest layering this in addition to flyer-dropping/door-knocking. 


Target Your Farm Area Online


Done For You Custom Designed Ads


All Inclusive Pricing


Month-To-Month. Cancel Anytime


Optional Add On: Get CINC Pro CRM & Website for only $99 (90% Off Regular Price)

Note: This is not advertising designed to generate seller leads. Farmer ads are meant to build brand awareness, similar to a bus stop or street sign. Farmer ads should be used in combination and supplementary to other forms of seller lead generation. It is recommended to have a higher budget the more ZIP codes you include.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes The Ads?

We do! When you check-out you can choose from various templates and colour designs. Let us know of any preferred messaging, or leave it to us to create a professional and high converting images and ad copy.

Who Will See My Farmer Ads?

These ads will be shown to your desired farming area. For smaller budgets, we advise to stick to one ZIP code to increase the effectiveness of your ads. If you are showing your ad to too large of an area, it will not be seen enough to leave an impression on residents in the area.

How Do I Know How Well My Ads Are Performing?

You will be emailed a report at the end of every month outlining how your ad performed, how many impressions, clicks, and leads it received. We will also monitor your ad and make edits as appropriate optimal performance.

Do I Need To Have A Website?

You don’t need any personal websites or branding. We will create everything needed to create these ads.

Where Will Leads Be Taken When They Click My Ad?

We will suggest a website, dependent on your ads messaging. E.g. We will advise a home evaluation page, if you are looking for seller leads. We can use your existing CINC site, or make a new landing page crafted specifically for your ads.

How Does Billing Work?

You will be auto-billed on the 1st of every month with the method of payment used to checkout. You cancel anytime with 14 days’ notice required.

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