Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Silver, Gold and Platinum leads?

When you order Silver leads, there are no guarantees or returns. You cannot return out of area leads or fake leads. 

When you order Gold leads, you can return a full fake lead, which has a wrong email address and a wrong phone number, leaving no way to contact the lead. Both email address and phone number must be fake, leaving you no way to contact the lead, to return the lead.

When you order Platinum leads, you can return full fake leads as well as half fake leads. If a lead has a correct email address but incorrect phone number (or vice versa) you can keep the lead (it will be counted as a ½ lead) and we will replace the lead with a full real lead. You will end up getting approximately 25% more leads by ordering Platinum leads. 

What makes Leads on Demand™ superior to other brokerages’ leads?

Working in partnership with Google, agents can receive an endless supply of high-quality leads whenever they need them. With Leads on Demand™, you start by determining the desired income you want to make, and the program will help you determine how many leads you need to reach that number. You cannot achieve this level of income with other brokerages that offer inconsistent lead gen.

Does Leads on Demand™ actually provide ‘real’ leads?

Yes! Leads are guaranteed to be real and received in real-time. Leads are proven to convert with 1 in 20 closing. Agents also receive exclusive lifetime rights to any purchased leads.

What is the Leads on Demand™ Program?

PATENT PENDING No. 62/683,189

Offering a turnkey solution for lead gen, this system generates and distributes high-quality leads in any denomination, language, price range or location – on demand.

Leads are guaranteed to be:

– Real: i.e. real phone numbers, email and name
– Exclusive: leads will not be shared with any other parties
– In the type and location requested
– In the quantum requested

Get your first leads within 24 hours

Your first order of leads will arrive within 24 hours. Future orders of 100 or fewer leads delivered within 30 days.

Get a mix of buyers and sellers

Currently, 20% of leads are sellers or buyers who need to sell. We also have seller lead plans available, if you prefer seller leads only. 

Real-time leads

We have a no-scrub policy. You get leads when you need them in real-time on any device, mobile, tablet, laptop, computer or apps.

Returning leads don’t count

Don’t worry. Returning leads don’t count as new leads. Leads don’t get double-counted.

How many are fakes on average?

About 20% of people give either a fake email or phone. Another 15% give all fake info. You can exchange all fakes! On the Platinum plan, if you encounter a half-fake, it counts as a half-lead.

Are these Facebook leads?

When someone is browsing their friends’ vacation photos on Facebook, they don’t all of a sudden want to buy a home. When someone types in “I am looking for a 3 bedroom home with a pool” chances are they’re looking to buy a 3 bedroom home with a pool. This is our point of interception. We don’t get cheap leads just to fulfill the lead order. We obtain leads that have the highest chance of closing. After all, we don’t get paid until you do. In short, our industry Facebook is only good for remarketing purposes. We don’t want leads in the research stage, we want leads in the ready-to-move stage.

Leads with Intent to Move

You will get leads that are all deep in the sales cycle, searching for real estate on Google. They were recently active and want to be contacted asap.

What cities do you service? 

We can generate leads in any city worldwide. Select a minimum of 3 MLS districts or cities. Return leads not in your chosen areas.

How does billing work?

Annual products are paid at first purchase, and again at the beginning of the month. Pay-As-You-Go products are billed right away. Billed to your VISA or Mastercard, payments are securely handled through Stripe.

Do I need a website?

No. We provide you with a cutting edge lead generation website with landing pages where leads get sent directly to you.

Additional Perks

Platinum Annual includes FREE Remarketing advertising to your leads & database with the ability to return leads that unsubscribe within 24hours and half-fake leads.