Case Study 6

Search Realty Ranks #1 Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage with 5-Year Revenue Growth of +1,942%


5-Year Revenue Growth +1,942% | 5-Year Agent Growth +3,866%

Search Realty Corp. was launched in 2012 by Sterling Wong, a former Re/Max agent and internet marketing pioneer. What started as a team of 3 agents quickly grew into a 250-agent operation experiencing a 1,942% 5-Year revenue growth and secured it’s top spot as Canada’s #1 Fastest-Growing Brokerage by MacLeans Magazine in 2018. Competing with household brands, Search Realty’s unique selling proposition was it’s exclusive access to Leads on Demand™ Lead generation system.

LOD Results:

Search Realty experienced a 5-year agent growth of 3,866% and 1,942% revenue growth fueled by Leads on Demand™. In 2018, it was ranked the #1 Fastest-Growing Real Estate Brokerage in Canada and #38 on Canadian Business & Maclean’s 2018 Growth 500 list of Fastest-Growing Companies. 

#1 Fastest growing real estate brokerage in Canada

Featured on Inman, Deloitte, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, and more.

5-Year revenue growth of 1,942%

5-Year agent growth of 3,866%

Average agent ROI with LOD 300-600%

Average agent closing ratio of 2% with LOD training

30x increase brand awareness

Built a database of 72,547 Leads from 979 – increase of 7,310%

How did they do it?

Offering our agents Leads on Demand®, Retargeting, and Geo-Targeted Ads.

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“When you understand how we generate Leads, you know why you’ll convert faster with higher ROI than our competitors. It’s all about intent and catching the buyer/seller right before they’re about to make a move.”

Sterling Wong

Founder, Leads On Demand Inc.

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