Case Study 3

Agent Disrupts Real Estate Industry With Development Of Leads on Demand™ to Receive a 2500% Increase in ROI


ROI 2500% | Volume YOY 52%

Sterling Wong
Broker Of Record

Sterling Wong was an award-winning agent with Re/Max from 2007-2011 when he developed a system to generate new business using the internet. Sterling wanted to pass on this formula of generating business to agents across the globe to allow the average agent to make it, just like he did with no capital for costly print advertising or a large database to solicit. In 2011, he left Re/Max with a GCI of over $350,000 to focus on building his lead gen technology. Sterling launched his own real estate brokerage in 2012 and mortgage brokerage in 2015 which to date, are still being fueled by Leads On Demand Inc.

LOD Results:

As the leads and deals increased, so did his team of agents from just 3 in 2012 to over 250 agents in 2018 with a 1,942% 5-Year Revenue Growth.

ROI increased to 2,500% with Leads on Demand™

Sterling’s volume increased to 52% YoY

6.89% Closing ratio with LOD

100x increase in brand awareness

Lead database totaled 5300+ new leads compared to 89 at Re/Max – a 5,855% increase

How did he do it?

Leads on Demand™ – Platinum Leads Annual Plan

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“Breakthrough the stigma that internet leads don’t work! If you put in the work, they work. Plain & Simple. The best part is that your income is finally predictable, scalable & measurable. ”
Sterling Wong

Broker Of Record

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