Case Study 2

Top Producer Increases Volume by 217% After 1 Year


ROI 2,339% | Volume 217%

Colleen Pickett
Sales Representative

Colleen Pickett ranked in the Top 100 individuals in Canada for Re/Max from 1996-2011 and was also inducted into the Circle of Legends in 2012 with an overall rank of #2 in Canada. However, Colleen started to notice a significant reduction in market share. She was experiencing challenges in relation to the recent Internet boom and realized that she needed to harness the power of digital advertising to attract more leads. Colleen decided to try the Leads on Demand™ system after exhausting every traditional advertising avenue she could.

LOD Results:

In just one year, Colleen’s GCI skyrocketed. She went from earning $113,000 to $325,000 with the Leads on Demand™ software.

ROI increased to 2,399% with Leads on Demand™

Annual ad spend with LOD decreased to -609%

After 1 year her volume increased to 217%

2.95% Closing ratio with LOD

50x increase in brand awareness

Lead database totaled 1300+ new leads compared to 289 at Re/Max – a 450% increase

How did she do it?

Leads on Demand™ – Gold Leads Annual Plan

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“I don’t know why all the agents aren’t on this lead gen system. It beats the hell out of door-knocking!”
Colleen Pickett

Sales Representative

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