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Get Leads On Demand™

We’re seeking experienced agents with a track record of success to service qualified real estate leads.

Agents must have a good online reputation and possess these minimum requirements:

3+ Years of Experience Or 10+ Deals in last 12 months

BETTER Real Estate Leads

Whether you need buyer or seller clients, with a few simple clicks, you can order as many leads as you need in any city to keep your pipeline full, exclusively yours, GUARANTEED. These aren’t Facebook leads captured while browsing vacation photos. These are real buyers and sellers with intentions to move, cutting your sales cycle in half.


Any Location

Target any location worldwide with the Leads on Demand™ system.

Any Type

Want buyers or sellers? Leads on Demand™ can deliver any type of leads you desire.

Any Price

From first-time buyers to million-dollar plus deals, find clients in any price range.


Any Quantity

Choose the denomination of leads you want and receive them within 30 days.

Any Time

Submit your order at any time and you’ll receive leads within 24 hours, guaranteed!

Any Language

Want to cater to your specific community? Order leads in any language to improve your conversion rate.

Automate your marketing and speed up conversions. Your subscription includes a free CINC PRO account. The #1-Rated CRM for real estate agents, valued at $12,800/year.

Agent Testimonials

Our satisfied agents will attest, there’s no reason you can’t generate more income after partnering with Leads on Demand™.

Alper Ahmet
Sales Representative

5 stars

“Since working their system and leads, I’ve doubled my business and would recommend them to any agent.”

Paolo Castellano

5 stars

“In my first year of real estate I closed 10 LOD leads and increased my GCI by 128%.”

Kyle Bridson
Sales Representative

5 stars

“My business continues to grow exponentially with the help of the leads I’ve received through Leads On Demand”

Ryan Fogarty
Sales Representative

5 stars

“I firmed up on 5 leads my first month and finished my first year with a 662% ROI. This is a no-brainer…”

Erin Balaban
Sales Representative

5 stars

“Having access to leads that I can work and convert into clients is a huge win-win for me.”

Yossi Kaplan
Sales Representative

5 stars

“LODs tech and systems fast-forwarded my business by 5 years, overnight!”

Carol Korenic
Sales Representative

5 stars

“I never have to wonder where my next client will come from. It saves me a ton of money & time which allows me to focus solely on my clients, which is the part of the business I enjoy most.”

Elizabeth Young
Sales Representative

5 stars

“With the leads being so affordable, I can’t imagine anyone not coming away with some degree of success.”

Oleh Kobyleckyj
Sales Representative

5 stars

“Leads are the lifeline of our business, with LOD I don’t have to reinvent the wheel nor spend time or money trying to.”


Once approved, what are the agent's performance requirments?

The agent must maintain the following aspects:

  • 1% close rate over 6 months
  • Access to deals for proof of sale
  • Meet code of conduct
  • Maintain reputation score

What makes your leads better quality?

Very. These aren’t Facebook leads captured while browsing vacation photos. These are real buyers and sellers with intentions to move, cutting your sales cycle in half.

Does it matter what brokerage I'm with?

No. We are accepting agents from any brokerage. We are more concerned with your closing reputation than your brokerage brand.

Are these leads exclusive to an agent?

Yes. Leads will be not shared with any other agents or parties, they’re exclusively yours.

Are the leads free?

No. The leads come in a range of Silver, Gold & Platinum options. Leads cost between $12.38 – $29.57, however successful agents don’t focus on expenses, they focus on the return on investment.

Do I have to pay a referral fee?

Yes, there is a 20% referral fee for Gold & Platinum leads and 40% referral fee for Silver leads. Add Leads On Demand Inc. to your Trade Record Sheet.

Are there any sign up costs?

No. There is a low $99 monthly fee includes your own CINC CRM valued at $500/month, a Leads Success Manager, proven scripts and so much more!

Are there any monthly costs?

The low $99 monthly fee includes your own CINC CRM valued at $500/month, a Leads Success Manager, proven scripts and so much more!

How do I access the leads?

The leads can be managed in your top rated CINC CRM (valued at $500/month). You can also choose to be notified of new leads by email, text or through our CRM mobile app so you can close deals on the go.

When do I get my leads?

Your first order of leads will arrive within 24 hours. Future orders of 100 or fewer leads delivered within 30 days.

What part of the sales cycle are leads?

You will get leads that are all deep in the sales cycle, searching for real estate on Google. They were recently active and want to be contacted asap.

Are leads buyers or sellers?

Currently, 20% of leads are sellers or buyers who need to sell. We do have seller only products in the cue such as; Just Sold radius blast, Get Seller Leads (CMA leads), Promote-a-Listing (Increase double-enders).

What cities do you service?

We can generate leads in any city worldwide. Select a minimum of 3 MLS districts or cities. Return leads not in your chosen areas.

Do I need a website?

Not necessarily. We provide you with a cutting edge lead generation website with landing pages where leads get sent directly to you.

What if I have less than 3 years experience or less than 10 deals closed?

If you are interested in what Leads On Demand™ offers but do not meet the minimum requirements, you can still contact us here.

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