Our Story

We’re based out of Toronto, the most expensive and hardest city to generate leads. If we can do it here we can definitely do it anywhere else! Here’s the history of this technology that was developed by agents, for agents!

Our Founder

Sterling Wong

In 2007, our founder Sterling Wong relocated to Mississauga, Ontario. It was an unknown city to him, but he saw the potential. Still, as a new agent signed up with Re/Max, Sterling knew he had to find a way to generate business starting from scratch.

With no network or funds to spend on advertising, Sterling taught himself the algorithms of Google, better known as SEO (Making a website become the top of Google search results organically), to generate leads. With the constant changes with SEO and Google, Sterling shifted his focus toward SEM (Making a website become the top of Google search results via Pay-Per-Click). This allowed him to generate leads in any geographical area and pinpoint the exact type of lead he wanted in a matter of days instead of years with SEO. He knew how to generate first-time home buyers, million-dollar listings, or pre-construction leads, all with his prior experience with SEO focusing on keyword data and funnel optimization.

At this moment, he knew he had to streamline this process and developed Leads On Demand Inc. Sterling’s vision is to level the playing field, and share the platform with every real estate agent worldwide!

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Leads On Demand

Finally, A Lead Gen System That’s Consistent & Automated!


Leads On Demandis an innovative, automated patent-pending lead gen platform that connects agents with high-quality leads in real-time.

Backed by Google, this platform provides consistent leads of any type, location, or quantity, for a scalable income. Making it unlike anything else in the real estate industry.

Delivered right to your inbox within 24 hours, you’ll save time pursuing clients and instead, earn more.

What Makes Us Different?

Exclusive lifetime rights to all leads purchase

Real leads with up to 20 data points, guaranteed

Hyper-Focused leads to target specific buyers

Close-ready leads from the bottom of the sales funnel

Guaranteed, real leads and in your desired cities.

Partnered with Google for maximum exposure

Stop struggling with lead gen and earn more.

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