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Backed by Google and 15 years of keyword data, Leads On Demand® provides a measurable, predictable & scalable income for agentsGet as many leads as you need, in any city, on demand!

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What Makes Our Leads Better

Proven Results – 1 in 20 contacted leads close for a 5% conversion rate!
Our expert agents tend to close near 8%. Agents yield an ROI of 200-300%.


Lead Replacement Guarantee

Get any quantity of leads in your city, guaranteed or we replace it!
Per-Lead-Billing is a game-changing aspect that will allow you to scale your business like a Fortune 500 company.

100% Real Leads!

Return the Fakes leads! Most leads will include up to 20 data points vs. 3 from competitors.

100% In Your City!

Return the Out-Of-Area leads! Only receive leads in the top 3 cities you select.

100% Exclusive To You!

Your leads will not be shared or resold to any other agents or parties.

Demonstration of a Google search turning into a lead

High-Quality Leads, Cut the Sales Cycle in Half 

Save Time and Money!

With no geographical limitations, Google Search Network allows for pinpoint accuracy & immediate lead generation.

Google is known for providing highly targeted customers for advertising. When someone searches, “I’m looking for 3 bedroom home in Toronto with a pool”, chances are they are looking for a 3 bedroom home in Toronto with a pool. We know this person isn’t looking for used cars or condos for sale. With 97% accuracy, Google Ads are far more effective than Facebook or print media.

15+ Years of R&D and Keyword Data!

We capture leads with pinpoint accuracy, deep in the sales cycle, cutting your sales cycle in half.  Generating leads since 2007, we know what people type in Google that ultimately leads to a sale. With various timelines in the home buyer/seller journey, we capture the lead right before they intend to buy or sell real estate. We know what these keyword searches are, and we ensure our ads are being seen each time these keywords are entered into Google and avoid keywords that bring in buyer/seller leads in the research phase

How It Works

With a few clicks, you can order as many leads as you need in any city to keep your pipeline full. Leads begin to arrive in your account within 24 hours of placing the order making the process fast & easy!

What You Get : Tools to Succeed

Included when you sign up to Leads On Demand®.


Valued at $900/Month this CRM is a powerhouse that manages and automates lead nurturing to close. Comes with mobile apps for agents and a separate app for your leads.

Remarketing Ads

Your leads & database will be remarketed on Facebook & Instagram news feeds across all devices. (1-year plans only)

Lead Gen MLS Site

Leverage your unbranded, lead-generating website with an MLS feed included to generate more leads.

Landing Page Templates

Customize and create your own Home Evaluations landing pages and buyer or contact landing pages. 

High Converting Scripts & Protocols

Tried, tested and proven to close, our scripts have been a part of our 15+ year R&D and are now accessible to you.

Automated MLS Prospect Match, Email & Texts

Use our campaigns or create your own combination of emails, texts and MLS prospect-matching emails, with an option to use Ai powered chat automation. 

Built On TRUST, Ask Our Agents

We wouldn't be in business for 10+ years if our leads didn't work! Our satisfied agents will attest, there’s no reason you can’t make it in this industry after partnering with Leads on Demand®. 

"Since working their system and leads, I’ve doubled my business and would recommend them to any agent.”
Alper Ahmet

Sales Representative

"In my first year of real estate I closed 10 LOD leads and increased my GCI by 128%."

Paolo Castellano


"My business continues to grow exponentially with the help of the leads I've received through Leads On Demand"
Kyle Bridson

Sales Representative

Agents Love Our Leads

600+ Agents & 150K+ Leads Distributed

Agent Record Holders

We keep track of stats from beginning to close because data helps improve our products, in turn, you close more deals, faster! Here are some of our agent accomplishments. Where will you fit in!?

Fastest Close (Fastest Knockout!)

5 Days

Alex Price, Broker

Highest Transaction (Hardest punch!)

$2.3 Million

Mark Gill, Sales Representative

Most Closed (most wins!)

59 Closings

Alper Ahmet, Sales Representative

Highest Conversion % (Highest Win Percentage!)


Ryan Fogarty, Broker

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Enter your budget and see how many leads you’ll receive, potential revenue and ROI.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some case studies to showcase the benefits of our Leads on Demand® system and Google marketing techniques

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5% Contact-to-Close Rate

Stop struggling with lead gen and earn more.